Derek's Freeware

This software is all written by me.


You'll need some run-time files for these programs. The simplest way to get them is to install the run-time "program" at the bottom of the list. It's not really a program, it just installs the files properly so Windows can make them available for other programs. You don't even need to run it, though it won't do any harm if you do.

Of course, recent versions of Windows (possibly even Win98) may have most of the files already. There again, even more recent versions of Windows, such as XP, may simply refuse to run some of these programs. Such is life under Windows.

You are free to use these programs for non-commercial purposes at your own risk. You may distribute them as supplied, but all rights are reserved, so please don't steal the programming details and don't distribute modified versions.

You should scan any download for viruses before running it just in case something has gone wrong somewhere.